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See what women think of LG fitness 

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At LG Fitness, we want to create a friendly, welcoming space that helps women of all ages achieve the results they are aiming for. Our supportive trainers and fantastic facilities make us the ideal choice for anyone, no matter their current fitness level or previous experience. 

Over the past few years, we have heard fantastic stories from people who have attended our classes and felt fitter, healthier and more confident as a result. Take a look at their journeys below, or get in touch to learn more. 

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Lois From LG Fitness
Hollie From LG Fitness
Rachel From LG Fitness
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I started with Lois, doing PT sessions. 7 months ago I was extremely overweight, unfit and unhealthy. Walking into the studio was a huge deal for me and so daunting but Lois was non-judgemental, understanding and extremely patient.

I struggled at first, but Lois helped me and pushed me to finish my sessions and work as hard as I could, whilst giving me the emotional support I needed when I thought I couldn’t do it, and helping me through some extremely difficult personal issues I was having. 7 months on and I am happier, fitter and look forward to every PT or class. I do love LG Fitness!

Thank you so much to Lois and the girls for helping me change my life for the better, you are all amazing.

Sally from LG Fitness


LG is a sanctuary for those who want to get fit, those who want an hour to themselves and those who want a sense of belonging.

I remember walking through the LG door for the 1st time 3 years ago feeling apprehensive, not really knowing anyone but determined to do something for myself. Instantly made to feel welcome, and encouraged to be the best version of me, I started doing 2-3 classes a week.

The variety of muscle groups, intensity and positive attitude had me hooked! Fast forward to now, through the pandemic, and with a brand new LG wardrobe, I am committed to 4-5 classes a week. The monthly refresh, the different instructors and the genuine feel good factor is what keeps me sane. LG is a sanctuary for those who want to get fit, those who want an hour to themselves and those who want a sense of belonging.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, the LG ethos is for you. I am proud of LG achievements, personally for helping me be the best version of me. I’m proud of their success and I’m super proud to be a part of it – big love to everyone. 

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Supportive, encouraging, and super motivated to help you achieve your goals is the best way I can describe Emily and Jo, who train us in the beginner's class. They understand when exercises need to be adapted to support existing conditions, and will encourage you to push yourselves that bit more than you thought you could.

The classes are fun, challenging and instructive, and you train with like-minded ladies. If you think you can, you will – they even got me doing a plank, proof that you never know what you can achieve!

A lady working out in a gym


Absolutely love the community at LG. The boot camps are great and change each month to ensure it keeps interesting. This has kept my fitness consistently good throughout the year and a half I’ve been at LG, and it’s motivated me to keep up with my fitness for ages now. Love it all, thank you to Lois and the great team.

A lady working out in a gym


I love coming to LG - the instructors and the women who attend are both great. The instructors are so friendly whilst helping motivate you to do your best. Throughout my pregnancy they helped me adapt exercises so I was still able to attend, and I’m now able to take my baby to the classes which is a massive help as otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to re-join again after giving birth. Always feel like you’ve had a great workout after every class.

A lady working out in a gym


I have been a member of LG since the studio opened in Dunston and after trying many different gyms and classes this one just clicked, I found my routine and absolutely love it! LG is more than just a gym it’s a community of ladies that help each other and build each other up. Each class can be tailored to ability and you are always guaranteed to be pushed to YOUR extreme! That along with excellent, experienced trainers makes the gym a success!

A lady working out in a gym


I have been going to LG Fitness since the beginning and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The instructors are brilliant and will always tailor exercises to suit your ability and are just genuine lovely people.

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