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Based in Gateshead, LG Fitness welcomes women of all ages and abilities. Sign up to one of our many fun classes, or get in touch to learn more about us.

Book a session with ease

LG Fitness is a women's only gym that caters to all abilities. Whether you're new to fitness or want to try somewhere new, everyone is welcome. Our friendly team runs a number of classes throughout the week, so there's always something for everyone. You can book a class by clicking this link to fill out this quick form then Lois will get back to you with a link to download our app.

Lois offers accountability coaching through her online app “ Lois Gair Coaching’ you can find this in the App Store. 

This programming is tailored to yourself with your health and lifestyle habits in mind. Here we look at sleep, environment, nutrition, stress and exercise as a minimum. You will receive weekly or monthly guides, new recipes, online check ins and 24/7 support. Lois believes that deep health plays a huge role in fat loss goals, so we will work together tackling any issues to achieve the main goal.

We wanted to make booking a breeze; simply click this link, and follow the on-screen instructions to book your place. Class sizes may be limited, so we always recommend booking early. You can also book the old-fashioned way, by contacting our team directly. Either way, we look forward to seeing you!

You can also enquire about personal training or small group sessions.

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Lois from LG Fitness
Bootcamp & Low Impact Classes

Classes are suitable for all age ranges, shapes and sizes, we recommend you try our bootcamp classes to give yourself a real push, however if you have any ongoing injuries or health issues our Low Impact classes may be more suitable for you,

There is no high intensity involved in  the Low Impact classes at all, but plenty of work to help you build up your strength and gain confidence whilst you work out in a fitness environment.

All classes are 45 minutes with an exception to Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs at 17:30, these classes are 30 minutes.

​Monthly passes £45 for unlimited access to all classes.

A lady doing pilates
Fit kids in a gym class

Focuses on strength and flexibility

 45 minute class 

£4.50 per session 

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength.  This class also helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being 

LG FitKids

Fun session for year 1+

Thursdays 4:30pm- £5.15pm

£4 per session 

LG FitKids focuses on fitness but also mental health and wellbeing.

Sessions are carefully planned in order to develop confidence, self esteem and to build resilience in a fun active way.

Kelly, our children’s instructor has an extensive knowledge in mental health in children and young adults aswell as being highly experienced in child development.

Kelly creates a great environment through fitness by creating fun, active games where the children are using leadership skills and developing in team work. Kelly takes the children through a variation of different classes that are used to improve mobility, balance, fitness and strength. We use pop music to create a fun atmosphere in the studio while children are unleashing their energy

A young girl on an exercise machine
A lady working out with her daughter
Fit Teens
Parent and Child Class

For Girls Only. Year 7 + 

Thursday 5:30pm-6:15pm 

£4.50 per session ​

Wednesdays 5:15pm

Adult £4.50 child £3.50 

Stand with dumbbells on it

Classes A-Z

see our class list
  • Ab Blast – Workout focusing solely on core strength and tone.

  • Abs & Ass - A modern day twist on the usual bums & tums class but this time your Abs & Ass!

  • Abs & Flabs – This is a high intensity cardio class with added core work to tone those problem areas.

  • AMRAP –Completing as many rounds/reps as possible in your time given to you by your instructor.

  • Back to Basics - A Low Impact training that integrates bodyweight exercises with resistance training.

  • Bag Blast – This is a boxing class using boxing bags and weights, targeting the upper body using a range of boxing drills and strength training.

  • Band Camp – A low impact workout using a resistance band for each exercise to give your body an upper and lower body burn.

  • Battle of the Ropes – A fun, competitive class, competing with yourself and others to get the best time you possibly can whilst working quickly through the battle ropes.

  • BBB – This a weights based class targeting all those areas we women worry about, bum, back and chest! 

  • Black Hole – Small group workout where time keeping is key – miss the deadline and suffer the forfeit!

  • Body Balance - A full body workout focusing on toning the whole body using a mix of weight training, body weight exercises & cardio.

  • Body Blast – 40 Station based workouts changing every 60 seconds, you will not do the same exercise twice.

  • Body Groups- This class is a circuit completed in small groups hitting each muscle group with a range of equipment.

  • Body Pump- An all time Lg favourite, this class closely concentrates on each muscle group using a range of heavy to light weights. 

  • Bodyweight Wipeout- A cardiovascular workout using only your bodyweight, designed to challenge your body as you work your way through longer to shorter bursts of exercises.

  • Booty Builder- A circuit based class targeting the glutes to tone, tighten and build that booty. 

  • Boxing – This class is a partner workout using gloves and pads going through boxing techniques with added cardio blasts.

  • Boxing Circuit – This is a boxing class with added strength and conditioning stations. 

  • Boxicore – This is another partner workout going through a boxing circuit which includes core work as the main component.

  • Boxing Combo – Cardio and strength based workout utilising a combination of gloves, pads and weights.

  • Boxing Skills Tabata- Using the Tabata format of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, this class will develop a variety of head to toe boxing moves using a mixture of cardio and weighted movements, you will need your own boxing gloves for this one! 

  • Building Blocks – High intensity, body weight, pyramid workout.

  • Bums and Tums – A modern day twist on your regular bums and tums workout, designed to make you sweat as well as tone.

  • Burpee Burnout- A cardio workout where each set includes a different variation of the classic burpee. 

  • Cardio Stations-Work through a set amount of cardio body weight exercises in a circuit format in a time chosen by the instructor, this quick 30 minute blast means you will not be leaving the studio without a complete sweat on.

  • Cardio Tone Tabata- This class is a form of interval training, the level of intensity means you will push yourself to the limit on a cardio base, don’t worry you will get a rest in-between sets! 

  • Circuits – Fast paced, station based, all over body workout using a range of equipment.

  • Core Burner- This class focuses on your core muscles with a cardio interval after each set.

  • Core Course – Taking you around a 40 station abdominal workout using equipment and body weight…. You will definitely feel this class the day after…. And the day after that.

  • Cross style Circuits- A full body workout incorporating cross fit style moves to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness. 

  • Curls & Crunches- A workout to target the upper body and core. Using a mixture of light and heavier weights to tone and leave you feeling pumped.

  • DumStep- Putting you through an all-over body workout using Dumbbells, Steps and Resistance Bands.

  • Dumbbell Disco– A full body workout using dumbbells, with short intervals taking it to the dancefloor to enjoy some classic disco tunes. 

  • Double A’s- Strengthen your arms and tone those abs in one workout. These classes target the upper body and core using a combination of body weight and weight exercises. 

  • Fit to the core- This class puts your body through its paces by testing core strength and cardiovascular fitness. Timed core exercises are followed by bursts of cardio to burn fat and tighten that tum. 

  • Game Changer- Adding a little competitive fun into fitness! Working in teams you will complete a number of games and challenges, building strength and endurance, you will leave this class feeling a winner!

  • Glute Camp – Workout focusing on the lower body, targeting your biggest muscle group for maximum results.

  • Greatest HIIT’s-An interval circuit class with music as a motivator. Each week will see a different theme, from movies to mow town. Expect a full body workout, including cardio and strength and maybe some cheeky dance moves.  

  • Group Training – Small group circuit, all over body workout using a range of equipment.

  • Head to Toe Tabata- This class is a form of interval Training, the level of intensity means you will push yourself to the limit, using body weight, don’t worry you will get a rest in-between sets! 

  • Hybrid & Hold - A full body circuit completed with hybrid and hold variations to improve strength and endurance.

  • HIIT – ( High Intensity Interval Training)  is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. 

  • HIIT the Abs- High intensity interval training, ‘hitting’ every muscle in the stomach and back for a full core workout in shorts periods of time with active rest intervals.

  • HIIT the Pins – High intensity interval training, ‘hitting’ every muscle in the leg for a full leg workout in shorts periods of time with active rest intervals.

  • HIIT Me Up–This is interval training with short bursts of cardio, followed by recovery periods, this full body workout will keep your heart rate high and help you burn more fat in less time. 

  • Hybrid 35 - A workout that combines heart pumping aerobic & muscle building strength exercises in the same session.

  • Intervals – This type of  training consists of alternating periods of high- and low-intensity activity.

  • Interval Mix-3:1- A combination of cardio, core work and weighted exercises with interval cardio blasts. 

  • Iso Reps- Complete the allocated reps per exercise and then hold it out for the remainder of that time…. Feel the burn!!

  • Jabs & Abs- Using boxing techniques and ab exercises combined to create a fat burning, adrenaline pumping workout. 

  • Just Peachy- Moving through 10 stations, this lower body weight and cardio circuit will give you strong legs, tight glutes and your blood pumping. 

  • Killer Queens- A body pump style class with a rock twist, using the music of Queen as your motivator. Expect a full body workout, including cardio & strength work.

  • Kettlebell Intervals – All over body strength and toner using kettle bells.

  • Kettle Core Tabata- This class is a form of interval Training, the level of intensity means you will push yourself to the limit, using a kettlebell to work your core. 

  • Ladder Training– A cardio, body-weight workout, working through two exercises per set, climb the ladder then you need to find a way to get back down! 


  • Light and Tight- A new twist on the popular Bums and Tums workout, get ready to feel the burn and hit those problem areas.  

  • LBT- A popular class targeting the common problem areas, Legs, Bums and Tums using equipment and bodyweight. 

  • LG Striders- Whether you are a seasoned runner or a newby, LG Striders offers a fun, friendly and supportive group to help you achieve your running goals. Our 6 week course will  on make you a stronger runner by focusing on running technique, finishing the 6 weeks with a group running date. 

  • Line of Duty- This class is a mixture of Cardio, Weights, strength and conditioning, targeting all areas and keeping the body guessing. A fab enjoyable workout, you will never hit the same exercise twice. 

  • Maximum Hold- A partner workout where one of you tries to perform as little reps as possible in the time set, while the other has to hold an exercise for the duration. It’s a full body workout not to be missed.

  • Military Training – This is a fast paced, cardio challenge workout where you follow and double your reps each set getting you combat ready!

  • Monday Mash up- A total mash up of classes! Each set is inspired by different LG classes, no two classes will be the same, giving the element of surprise and challenge, set to set and week to week. 

  • Muscle Burn out Tabata- Using the Tabata timing system, you’ll move around a series of station working on the same muscle group for 3 minutes at a time. You’ll love the burn after this one.

  • Muscle Rounds- This class goes through the different muscle groups in a circuit formula. Teaching you different movements and lifts using weights and body weights to attack each muscle group.

  • On your Marks-Get ready for this fun and competitive class where you will compete in a variety of relays, boot camp style! There can be only one winner of each race and all the losers will receive a penalty! 

  • Panic Stations- Will you complete your reps for the stopwatch bleeps? A fast paced workout, working in a competitive setting. Perfect workout for those who like to be constantly challenged. 

  • Pick & Mix- Pick your own format of our circuit by picking and mixing from our list of exercises, you can complete them in any order at your own pace, as-long as you finish the on the spot circuit in time. 

  • Pilates – is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength.  This class also helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being 

  • Pound the LBS- This is a full body weight class with varying work and rest intervals, guaranteed to target both cardio and fat burning zones.

  • Power of 3- Working in groups of 3 to complete 3 exercises per station. Each station will include cardiovascular, resistance and core exercises to give you a complete workout.  

  • Quad Goals- Taking you around a circuit using a range of equipment for a full leg workout.

  • Quarters- A workout that burns fat, improves endurance and tones target areas. Stations include cardio core and glute workouts.

  • Raise The Bar - Partner workout using barbells & body weight where each movement gets more challenging as each set progresses

  • Ready, steady, EPS- As part of a team, you will work your way through a number of exercises with the aim to complete as many reps with the given time. 

  • RelaysElevate your fitness with a relay workout - a high intensity circuit, blending running & functional exercises,

  • Resista Core- This is a class which combines resistance bands and core work. Resistance bands are a great way to help activate or tone muscles, whilst building strength along the way. This is a full body workout

  • Roll the Dice- This is a circuit based class providing an all-over body workout. For an added exercise twist, Roll the Dice after each station and see what you get! 

  • School Yard- This is a Circuit based class which adds the fun factor bringing back some of your favourite School Yard activities.

  • Sculpt – This workout focuses on drop sets using weights and cardio.

  • Solo Circuits- Using a range of equipment you will complete a circuit class in your own designated space.

  • Spartans – A popular class proven to work to your absolute maximum while enjoying your workout. A fun interactive circuit that is non stop until I say so. You may meet some challenges you have never encountered before but you will be pleased you’ve taken part in this enjoyable class.

  • Step Up– A new class getting through various exercises in a HIIT format using steps. 

  • Strong Woman Muscle Factory – This is a strength and conditioning class using tyres, weights and battle ropes, helping you to bring strength, gain confidence lifting by teaching you technique.

  • Summer shake down – This is a class for all you ladies that have indulged over the 6 weeks and stepped out of your normal routing. Its easily done so this class will get you back in the zone, offering a different set up every class you won't know what to expect, just show up and if it your all.

  • Supersets– A weighted workout performing to exercises back to back, targeting different muscle groups. This full body session is designed to improve strength and endurance. 

  • Superset Tabata- A full body workout using resistance bands to strengthen to opposing muscle groups: within the individual 7 minute tabata set.

  • Tabata- This class is a form of interval Training, the level of intensity means you will push yourself to the limit, using body weight, don’t worry you will get a rest in-between sets! 

  • Time out- Who will be the first to clock out of this workout? This competitive cardio class will have your heart rate raised, but you don’t want to be the first name on the board after time out! 

  • Top, Middle and Bottom– Exercises are performed standing, squatted and on the floor in 20 second intervals to give your body a top to bottom workout.

  • Top Of The Deck- This fast paced conditioning style workout uses a deck of cards to randomly serve up various exercises and rep counts. Can you beat the dealer? 

  • Total Body Conditioning – A high intensity circuit class, with a range of equipment at over 50 stations to work through in small groups. A guaranteed all-over body workout that has always proved popular with my members.

  • Total Body Tabata- This is a class that aims to yield the most benefits in a short amount of time through intervals targeting all muscle groups. 

  • Total Wipeout – Short bursts of exercises using a range of equipment designed to challenge your body as you work your way through the lanes of exercises. 

  • Upper-body Workout- This class focuses solely on upper body strength and toning using a range of different weights including dumbbells kettlebells and body bars.  

  • Waist Removal – This is a circuit set up with cardio and core work at a fast pace 

  • Weighted Pyramid- This is a high intensity pyramid workout using body weight and dumbbells to complete the workout 

  • 1:1:1 Combining two weight exercises with one cardio interval, this class is guaranteed to raise your heart rate as well as pushing you towards building some muscle. 

  • 4,3,2,1 Circuits- This countdown circuit class incorporates cardio, weights, and bodyweight exercises finishing with core work for a complete workout. Designed to help build your strength and endurance. 

  • 20:20:20 – 20 minute segments of Cardio, Weights and Abs, giving you an all over body workout in 1 hour. 

  • 10:10:10– A shorter version of 20:20:20. 10 minute segments of Cardio, Weights and Abs, giving you an all over body workout in 30 minutes.

  • 10-100 – This class is a fast paced cardio workout with a range of sets from 10-100 reps.

  • 10-100 Kit- This class is a fast paced workout with a range of sets using equipment from 10-100 reps.

  • 300 – This is a cardio blast using body weight to get through 300 reps per set.

  • 50/50 – This is a half and half workout, every class is different but you are guaranteed cardio with a toning element.

  • 80’s Bootcamp –A fitness flashback to the 1980s, this full body workout incorporates classic cardio and strength moves, topped off with a wicked soundtrack. 

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