LG Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers.

Meet Lois

Lois qualified as a fitness instructor back in 2014, then with two years experience under her belt she decided to take the next step in her career in July 2016 to where she began to build her own business supporting women in fitness and nutrition through Lg Fitness. Later with 5 years experience, Lois took a further step by taking on a new studio in a permanent location.


Founder of LG Fitness

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Pad Work Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Level 2 in Mental Health
  • 6 years experience in the fitness industry
  • Qualified in First Aid at Work
  • Skilled in training women with ongoing and recovering cancer treatments and rehabilitation following injuries.

Lois is described by her clients as….

Inspiring, Loud, Passionate, Authentic and Caring

Meet Emily

Emily started off as a client to Lg Fitness back in March 2017, after giving birth to her second child. After becoming a member of the Lg Fitness Lifestyle Change Programme she quickly adapted to healthy nutrition habits and a keen understanding to health and fitness. Emily worked as a part time P:E teacher so already has an extensive knowledge to health and fitness before deciding to join the LG Team full time.


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Older Adults class instructor
  • Degree in Sports Science
  • PGCE IN Secondary Teaching
  • Degree in Physical Education
  • Qualified in First Aid at Work

Emily is described by Lg clients as….

Skilled, Athletic, Encouraging, Focused & Motivational

Meet Kendal

Kendal began her journey with LG Fitness as a client. Kendal is a keen runner but loves the challenges that comes along with strength and conditioning training. Kendal has a degree in food science and nutrition, which compliments her training as a fitness instructor.


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (trainee)
  • Degree in food science and nutrition
  • CPD in boxing and pad work.
  • Level 1 in Mental health.

Kendal is described by Lg clients as….

Precise,Enthusiastic, skilled and motivational

Meet Kelly

Kelly began her journey as a client back in April 2018, she really stuck in and worked hard for the results she wanted. It was clear for Lois to see that Kelly was very determined to lose weight and become fitter and a healthier person. Later in December Lois approached her to trial a new programme she had come up with which was the Lifestyle Change Programme, Kelly quickly agreed and from there the rest is history.Kelly did exceptionally well and soon became a huge positive role model to the rest of the Lg Fitness clients.


In December 2019 Kelly approached Lois about becoming a children’s fitness instructor for the brand. Children’s fitness was always something in the pipeline and Kelly was the perfect candidate for this. Kelly Works as a teaching assistant in a local primary school.

Once qualified Kelly will be offering Fitness classes for all age groups in children’s fitness in the local community.


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Children’s Fitness Instructor
  • Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies and Practice
  • FRIENDS Resilient Programme. Resilient building programme based on cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Children’s First aider
  • Qualified in First Aid at Work
  • Mental Health First Aider in children and adults
  • Experienced working with children with special needs
  • Safegaurd trained

Kelly is described by Lg clients as….

Caring, Fun, positive, bubbly & supportive

Meet Joanna

Joanna joined Lg Fitness in May 2021 at the end of Lockdown restrictions

Following Joanna’s pregnancy she struggled to find somewhere she felt totally comfortable training post natal.

Joanna followed Lg Fitness throughout lockdown and enjoyed seeing the sense of community Lg Fitness has, training all women from all different backgrounds in all shapes and sizes. Joanna decided it was something she would like to be apart of and joined the Lg Team as an instructor, using her expertise in Pre and Post natal to teach our very popular core classes.

Qualifications/ Experience

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 In Ante and Post Natal Fitness

Joanna is described by Lg clients as….

Skilled, Motivational, Enthusiastic, outgoing and relatable

Meet Jess

Jess began with LG Fitness in 2021, following completing her level 2 and level 3 throughout lockdown. Jess is a keen rugby player and enjoys strength training in the gym. Alongside her skills in the fitness industry Jess is also a qualified Lifeguard.


  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • level 3 personal trainer
  • Life Guard Trained
  • A Level student.

Jess is described by Lg clients as

Hard working, skilled, motivational & successful.

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