Social Distancing Measures

Aug 24, 2020 | | 'Sticky post'

We finally re opened our doors on Saturday 3rd August after 4 months of having our doors sadly closed. We have went to great lengths to ensure our clients feel safe and welcome upon their return.

We have downsized our classes to 14 people per class, where each client works in their own box with their own kit which is cleaned and sanitized before every client uses it. Clear path ways are marked out to enter and leave the building or use our toilet facilities.

Hi Lois, I just wanted to say i think you and the Lg Team have done a fantastic job to make the studio and classes work for everyone. The Covid processes you have introduced work really well, the booking in system has settled down and the reserve lists work really well. The variety and intensity of classes are brilliant (but tough). You have managed to create a huge buzz and excitement again in the studio and in the Lg community. I know you are all working hard with long hours (especially you) so i just thought you should know how much you are appreciated

Dee, Lg Fitness member

We have a one way system entering through our reception and leaving via the main shutter of the class room which you can see below.

Our children’s room is limited to only two families per use and must also be booked in before entering the studio.

Because of the social distancing procedures we have to follow our main loved classes such as circuits and boxing or any other contact classes cannot be performed at this time, these are highly missed by our clients but we still cater to their needs the best way we can and are still able to supply a large variety of equipment to be used during our classes.

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