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May 5, 2021 | | 'Sticky post'

Mams on maternity

We get it, maternity pay can be rubbish

With the rising costs of everything right now it can be easy to put yourself at the bottom of your priority list.

‘I will start working out when i go back to work’ 

I can’t afford a personal trainer

I never leave the house

A lovely client (lets call her ‘Laura’) said to me the other day,

“I would love to do more than 1 class a week but I just can’t with maternity pay….”

I was like hang on a minute, the LG Fitness Mission statement claims that we keep things affordable so that ALL females can work out with our support, at an affordable rate….. 

Why is not the case for this client?….. 

I was a little annoyed with myself that this point hasn’t crossed my mind before, how many more mams on maternity feel that way? 

So I marched in to see Emily in the bootcamp room with the words she dreads…. I have an idea ….. the whole team dread those words coming out of my mouth …. I got a cute little eye roll from Emily then we both got excited about what we could offer mams on maternity leave. 

Client Beki said

This is the only way I could attend, by bringing Lillie along with me.

A brand NEW membership

A £10 off a month membership for aslong as you are on Maternity leave. 

That gives you a beginners classes membership for £30


A bootcamp membership for £35

However, we will give you 50% off your first month!


£20 for beginners

£22.50 for bootcamp

For as many classes as you want! 

We have NEVER done a deal like this before, but we want to help as many females as we can feel good about themselves and and do something for themselves! 

You can bring your little ones along with you in a car seat or pram, we also have a small children’s area for the older children.

Mat Mammas we look forward to meeting you and your little ones!

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