June 2023 Timetables & How To Book

May 26, 2021 | | 'Sticky post'

To attend our classes, please download the LG Fitness App and contact us via email, Facebook or WhatsApp with your full name and email address to register. Find contact details below. 

You may also search for our LG Fitness private community page on Facebook by searching ‘LG Fitness community Page’ or clicking the link below


You may book all of your classes for the entire month, from month to month, for example in January you can book in 4 weeks of classes upto the end of January etc…. 

You can book and pay for all of your classes for bootcamp and beginners classes on the LG Fitness App. 

Bootcamp Timetable

These classes are suitable for all age ranges, shapes and sizes, we recommend you try our bootcamp classes to give you a real push, how ever if you have any ongoing injuries or health issues our beginners timetable may be more suitable for you, see below…….

All classes are 45 minutes with an exception of Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs at 17:30, these classes are 30 minutes.

Beginners Timetable

All of our classes in our beginners timetable are 45 minute classes.

These classes are low intensity and are designed with a more gentle approach to exercise.

How to book

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