Charity and Community Work

Lois supports a number of local and national charities and is keen to raise money through fitness.

Gateshead’s Women’s Refuge October 2018

On Friday 19th October 2018, Lois handed over the donations made by herself and the Lg Fitness team to a local Women’s refuge.

Three weeks prior to this, Lois called upon Northumbria Police for information on local women’s refuges, Lois had an initial idea of making Christmas boxes with the Lg Girls to donate this year. Lois visited a refuge in particular one Friday morning and was absoloutley stunned at how little this refuge had been donated over the years and how little money they had to spend. There was more to be done than send a Christmas gift.  Something had to be done and Lois was the person to start the process.

Over the course of three weeks Lois allocated each Lg member a brand new item to buy, this consisted of Ladies Pjs, underwear, socks, sanitary products, hygiene essentials, Kids and teenage pjs, nappies, baby wipes,baby milk, the list goes on and its fair to say that every single item was covered, Over 100 brand new items had been purchased and alot of used clothing and shoes were also donated. Brand new toys were donated so that each child had something of thier own.

All items were collected, checked, labelled and boxed up in Lois’ house until the drop off day.

When Lois had arrived they were told by a member off staff that they had just had two new admissions within five minutes of each other that day. They had arrived with nothing, but were very excited to go through our donations and put a starter pack together for them.

The genorisity of this project has been out of this world, the refuge is always going to be something that Lg Fitness is involved in, we were more than happy to help

Cancer Research & other relating Charities 

In the last 5 years LG Fitness has raised over £30,000.00 for Cancer Research through the Race for Life and plans are in place to raise even more money in 2019

In July 2018 and 2019 the Lg Fitness girls hosted a family Fun Day at their local pub, the day included entertainment, food, bouncy castle, Pallet Art Uk Mud Kitchens, Make It Magical entertainment, Music from local singer Anna Reay and a huge raffle, this resulted in the Lg girls raising over £4000 each year.

With 1 in 2 people being affected by cancer within their lifetime, its safe to say that cancer really does impact everyone.  The LG fitness girls know this from personal experience.

Louise (member of LG Fitness) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and less than 2 weeks after surgery and 6 weeks pregnant, completed the race for life alongside her fellow LG fitness friends to raise vital funds for Cancer Research.  Since then 2 further members of the bootcamp group have received a personal diagnosis and several have been impacted by family members and friends being diagnosed.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce your risk of developing cancer and to reduce your risk of recurrence, this is just another reason why Lois feels so passionate about fitness. Lois and her girls are committed to raising more money for this very worthy cause and will continue to take part in the race for life year after year.

September 2016 – LG Fitness held a charity bootcamp to raise money for the local Cancer Patient Transport service, ‘Daft as a Brush’, this one hour bootcamp session raised £169.1


Lois has worked with Northumbria police to raise funds to get a lifesaving piece of equipment in local schools.

She has held three very successful charity circuits class for Fellside Primary School & Cloverhill Primary School and Parkhead Primary School, raising funds to buy a defibrillator for use by the local community, she is now in communication with the local authorities to replicate this across across the Gateshead area.

“I wanted to write to thank you for so kindly donating the proceeds of your session at Whickham School on Sunday to Fellside’s defibrillator fund.  I was astonished at the huge amount of money that was raised – over £220!  We really appreciate your generosity, and that of the participants.

Thanks to your donation, another made by the Rotary Club of Whickham, and also funds donated by North East Hearts with Goals, our defibrillator has been entirely paid for by the local community.  I think that speaks volumes about the generosity of those, including yourself, who live and work in our locality” 

Many thanks again.

Kerrie Hood,Head Teacher

“A huge thank you to everyone who turned out this morning to support Clover Hill Primary School. Kind hearted Clover Hill families and LG Fitness members came together for the most amazing charity event led by the inspirational Lois Gair who gave up her Sunday morning for Clover Hill. It was a very humbling event and I was extremely proud to see how everyone came together to support our school. Your commitment and generosity was second to none – raising £300 in just 1 hour!!  Wow!

Well done everyone! It was overwhelming to receive so much support for Clover Hill Primary School. Thanks to your kindness we can now pay for a heart defibrillator for our school. You truly have hearts of gold!”

Louise Easton, Head Teacher

Mental Health Awareness

Lois has also raised money for the Liam Britton Foundation during Mental Health Awareness week.

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