LG FitKids focuses on fitness but also mental health and wellbeing.

Sessions are carefully planned in order to develop confidence, self esteem and to build resilience in a fun active way.

I really like the circuits because you get to do lots of different exercises, and i love working in partners

~ Says Abby

Kelly, our children’s instructor has an extensive knowledge in mental health in children and young adults aswell as being highly experienced in child development.

Kelly creates a great environment through fitness by creating fun, active games where the children are using leadership skills and developing in team work. Kelly takes the children through a variation of different classes that are used to improve mobility, balance, fitness and strength. We use pop music to create a fun atmosphere in the studio while children are unleashing their energy

Joey loves all the classes, he loves playing the floor is lava and using the parachute with his team mates.

~ Says Mam

Sophia and Erin enjoying circuits.

Session times.

Wednesday 4:30pm- Year Groups 1,2,3

Thursday 4:30pmYear Group 4,5,6

Parents or gaurdians must fill in a pre readiness questionnare and must be returned before the child takes part in the class. Each child needs to be signed in and out of every class.

Children can be left with us in the studio, however we do have a large carpark outside of our studio where parents can wait if they wish too.

Class prices are £4.00 per class and are available all through school terms.

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